Friday 18 July 2008

Free IWB Software

Dabbleboard is a fantastic whiteboard application which runs in your browser. It has all the usual whiteboard features plus some nice extras.

It's really easy to use and draw shapes even using a mouse. You can embed images from anywhere on the web into multiple pages. When you've finished creating your whiteboard pages you can download them, share them publicly online or email them to students (great way to send your students notes or their lesson).

You can use the software without registering, but if you want to save and share whiteboard flipcharts them you'll need to create a simple account (which doesn't seem to require any personal information beyond your email address).
The fact that it runs in your browser (seems to work fine in Firefox 3 and IE7) means that it will run on MAC or PC without any software to download.

At present the public library of flipcharts isn't too impressive and just looks like people testing out the software, but if this takes off there could be a pretty impressive collection of teaching resources there.

If you can use this with a data projector and Camspace controller software, then you've got yourself a pretty cheap interactive whitebaord to use in class.

Great stuff.

Nik Peachey

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1 comment:

Zohair said...

Nik, thanks for the post. This is Zohair from Dabbleboard. You're right about the public library; there isn't much there yet that's actually useful. We'd be thrilled if you and teachers you know start posting materials there.