Friday 18 July 2008

Preparing EAP Students

I've just spotted this wonderful new resource for helping to prepare foreign students for study in the UK. It's called Prepare for Success and has lots of interactive features including video and some online tasks.

The site covers a really wide range of issues that overseas students are likely to encounter when studying abroad including study skills, tips for critical thinking as well as things like dealing with different cultures and working with other students.

Here's a video from 'language challenge' section.

You do not appear to have a suitable video player installed. Please download Apple Quicktime and install it to view the video.

This is a fantastic resource and has some really nicely designed materials which should be useful to any EFL / ESL students, even if they don't intend to study abroad.

The materials were developed by the University of Southampton

Definitely worth recommending to and using with your students.


Niki Peachey

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