Wednesday 16 July 2008

Student Made English Advertisements

I spotted this blog earlier this week on the webheads discussion list and decided that I had to share it. The blog is called English Advertising Class and is managed by Aiden Yeh .

The blog hosts a remarkable collection of advertisements made by students of English as a foriegn language. The topics of the advertisements vary greatly and many of them are like public service broadcasts, but they are great examples of student creativity using various digital mediums.

I also really like that many of them include the 'storyboards' that the students used to plan and design the advertisements.

This would be a really nice site to include in an advertising project like the one I suggested back in one of my March 08 postings Advertisement project

Great stuff and a real credit to Aiden. Hope you find time to check it out and that you find it useful to inspire your own students.


Nik Peachey

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