Sunday, 20 July 2008

Create EFL / ESL Lesson Plans in Mins

I've often seen sites making this boast, but this really does seem to be the case with Lesson Writer. The website takes you through the various stages of preparing text based lesson plans for EFL / ESL students.

You just copy and paste in a text, the site analyses the vocabulary and produces a glossary of the voacaulary which you can customise, example sentences using the vocabulary, as well as grammar and pronunciation tasks and activities. You then just add your own comprehension questions and print the whole thing up along with a suggested plan!

There a Lesson Writer Demo here that shows how it's done.

I'm not so sure about copying and pasting in copyright materials, but as long as you have permission then this is a great way to produce relevant lesson materials from authentic sources and it won't take you all day to prepare them.

If you register on the site you can save the lesson plans and materials, and it doesn't seem to cost anything! I keep wondering where the catch is, but I can't see one.

Happy EFL / ESL lesson planning!


Nik Peachey


Débora Bagüez said...

Dear Nik, your blog is great!!! May I add it as a link to my blog?

Nik Peachey said...

Hi Deb,

Any links in to my blogs are always appreciated, as are the kind words.

Looks like you are doing some really nice work yourself with your student blogs.

Many thanks



jean said...

Great site, Nik. Your tips are really really helpful. The lesson plan site is incredible, a far cry from cutting and pasting, when cutting and pasting really meant using scissors and glue.
thank you

Nik Peachey said...

Hi Jean

Glad you found something useful.



Marian Steiner said...

Adding a one more thank you for what you're doing, Nik! As you write, this resource may save us invaluable time, but what you're doing for us is even more invaluable: saving us the time searching for and going through heaps of ELT related resources on-line and picking the best of the best. Your work can hardly be appreciated enough. Thanks a lot and all the best,

Nik Peachey said...

Thanks Marian
Your appreciation is very much appreciated.



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