Monday 28 August 2017

Improve Listening Skills with Audio Transcription Software

SwiftScribe is a great tool for making audio to text transcription much easier. At present the tool only works in the Chrome browser so if you don't use Chrome, you'll need to download it.

Once you have registered you can upload any audio file and SwiftScribe's speech to text engine will attempt to transcribe it into English text.

Once it has done this you or your students can listen to the audio file whilst reading through the text in the browser. When you spot errors in the transcription you can just click on the space bar to pause the audio and then edit the text in the browser window. The site has tools which will help slow down or repeat sections of the text and there are keyboard short cuts (see the tutorial video) to make all this faster.

Once the transcription is perfect and complete, you can download the file as either text or as a Word doc.

This is a great tool if you have a lot of transcription work to do, but also a great tool to develop students' listening. You can give them and audio file to transcribe and they can upload it and then check and correct the transcription. Once it's complete they can download and send it to you or peer check each others work.

SwiftScibe is a great way to develop really precise listening skills, it doesn't require any downloading and (at present) it's free.

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