Tuesday 29 August 2017

From Image to Story - Motivating Reading Tasks on Powerful Issues

Time 100 is an amaxing feature from Time Magazine. It's a collection of 100 images that have had the power to change the world. The images are displayed on a time line and you can scroll through and click on each image.

As you click through the images you can find out about the story and photographer behind it.Many of the images also have video clips about the content which range from short 2 - 3 minute clips to longer documentaries.

Many of these are very powerful images and stories, so this isn't suitable for younger learners, but if your students are more mature, these images and stories could provide really interesting reading and discussion materials about a range of issues.

You could let students choose an image each to do further research on and then get them to prepare a short presentation about it.

They could discuss which of the images they find most powerful or which they think is still most relevant today.

This is a great collection of images that have had huge influence on modern politics and society so well worth spending a few lessons with these.

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