Friday 18 August 2017

Build Your 3D Virtual Reality Classroom Today

Edorble is a fantastic tool for creating your own 3D virtual classroom. Just download the software and claim your room code. You can then share the code with your students and they can join you for virtual tutorials, social events or film and video viewings.

The standard classroom is a theatre space on an island. Students can move around the island using a 3D virtual avatar and meet up in groups away from the main class.

Students communicate using a headset and are able to chat and socialise. Sound is location sensitive so avatars that are closer together can hear each other clearly, whereas those on other parts of the island can’t be heard at all. This makes group work much easier and more meaningful.

There is also a screen in the main auditorium and this can be used for browsing the internet or showing videos. You can also open and operate an online whiteboard from within the browser.
This is a great tool for running online group classes or social events for online students. There is also now the capability to build course materials and launch commercial courses through: . You can also take free courses that can help you use the platform.
Edorble is a great tool to get and give your students a first experience of VR. I hope you find it useful. You can find links to many more tools like this and activities for the digital classroom in my ebooks at: All my ebooks are available for iOS and as PDF.

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