Monday 7 August 2017

Get Students Creating Video Summaries with Lumen5

This is a great tool for quickly creating video summaries. You can use it to write a short summary or just put in the URL of an online article or blog posting and then pick the parts of the text you want to include in the video.

Once you’ve structured the text, the site will automatically find images and clips to go with each section of the text.

You can then edit these manually or add your own images then choose which part of the text to highlight. Once you have the look and feel of the video right, you just select music and add your branding.

The video renders online and you can then download a copy to your hard drive and uploaded to any online sharing sites and embed it into a course or blog.

Here are some examples I created

Lumen5 is a great tool to use to encourage students to produce short summaries. It forces them to keep the amount of text to a minimum so they focus on key points. Selecting and matching images to the text can also help make the points more memorable.

You can find links to many more tools like this and activities for the digital classroom in my ebooks at: All my ebooks are available for iOS and as PDF.

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