Wednesday 16 August 2017

Make Your Worksheets Digital in Minutes is a simple to use tool that can enable you to turn your Word worksheets into online multimedia documents in just a few moments.

Go to the site and add a title, your name and the text of your worksheet. Highlight the text to get formatting options for making the text more attractive or adding links.

Click on a new line and look for the icons to add a video or an image to the worksheet. You can either upload an image from your hard-drive or add a link to a video and then click on ‘Enter’ on your keyboard and the video will appear in the worksheet.

Then just click on ‘Publish’ and you have your worksheet online. Be sure to save the link to the document. You can then either go back and edit it later or just share it with your students. There is no login or registration required. The worksheet can only be edited in the same browser you created it in.

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