Monday 14 August 2017

Get Teens Writing with Gamified Writing Activities

Story Wars is a great gamified way to make writing creative and competitive.

Students read short chapters of the beginnings of stories and then have to submit the next chapter for the story.

The readers of the story can then vote for which new chapter they feel is the best continuation of the story. The one with the most votes becomes part of the story.

There are lots of stories in progress that students can add to or they can start their own. Each story has a fantastic image to help prompt the imagination.

The site is free, but there is a ‘Classroom’ version for $15 a month which makes all the stories your students create private and gives you the teacher the ability to give your students feedback on their submissions.

There is also a free iOS version for mobile devices.

Story Wars looks like an ideal way to get teens enthusiastic about reading and writing fiction.

I hope you and your students enjoy Story Wars. You can find links to many more tools like this and activities for the digital classroom in my ebooks at: All my ebooks are available for iOS and as PDF.

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