Tuesday 15 August 2017

Convert Your Chrome Browser into a Language Lab for Speaking Practice

Fluency Tutor is a really interesting concept. It is a Chrome plugin that converts a computer into a kind of language lab.

If you sign up as a teacher you can then assign texts to students and they can record themselves reading the text and send it to you for feedback.

You see all your students’ submissions in the LMS and you can the listen to them and send them feedback.

This is a great way to make reading aloud less stressful and more productive for students. They will have the time to read and understand the text before recording it (there are comprehension questions with each of the prepared texts) and they will have the opportunity to listen to themselves and improve their recording.

This enables you to give students speaking practice for homework and it gives you the opportunity to listen to each individual student and analyse their pronunciation problems.

You do both need to have Google Chrome though and students will need to register with an email address.

I hope you find Fluency Tutor useful. You can find links to many more tools like this and activities for the digital classroom in my ebooks at: http://peacheypublications.com/. All my ebooks are available for iOS and as PDF.

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