Thursday 24 August 2017

Create Virtual Reality Comprehension Tasks

Story Spheres is a great free app for creating immersive narrative experiences. It enables you to take the 360 degree panoramic images from your mobile device and covert them into an interactive virtual reality experience.

Once you have created and uploaded the image you will also need to add one or more audio files of your narrative. If you have a number of panoramic images from the same area you can link these together so that students can move from one to another and create a kind of virtual field trip.

The images can then be viewed either in the web browser or on mobile devices using Google Cardboard or any other VR viewer. You can also get an embed code so you can drop the spheres into websites. This is a really nice way to create dynamic VR narrative around an image.

If you don’t have the time to create your own, you may well be able to find something ready made that you can use with your students. Just click on ‘Explore Spheres’   and you can either browse or search the ones that have already been created.

You can easily get students exploring different places around the world and then sharing what they have learned in groups, or better still get your students to create their own Story Sphere to show other students something of their own world.

I hope you enjoy Story Spheres and are able to create some interesting narrative experiences with your students.

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